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BROUWER 1560 FOR SALE FOR £9,250!!

BROUWER 1560 FOR SALE FOR £9,250!! for sale

BROUWER 1560 FOR SALE FOR £9,250!!

I am selling my 1560 Brouwer, this machine is yr 1996 , 2wd, the machine was purchased and owned from new by a company in Norfolk & i have owned for last 6 years! only 2.500 hours. has a Cab, Auto Steer, Floating Cutter Head, usual wear and tear you would expect with a machine this age but everything still works great, it cuts great turf and has the ford tractor which was much better than the JD that some models came on. I am selling as i have an auto stack machine now. The machine is currently being ran on a 10 inch front roller and down-arms etc to suit which keeps the machine afloat better if working on soft/peat ground, I will be putting it back on the 8 inch standard roller once sale agreed or for an extra £500 on the price I will leave it on ( it cost me nearly twice that to get it on the 10 inch set up) please email - turfderby@hotmail.com


Year of manufacture   1996
Location   Derby
Email   turfderby@hotmail.com
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