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Turf Industry Website Update for sale

Turf Industry Website Update

The Turf Industry website has experienced some great traffic over the last 12 months with 12,000 or more unique visits per month and over 40,000 page views. The news letter has helped to boost these numbers because it reaches so many turf growers across Europe resulting in the Turf Industry site quickly becoming the leading hub for European turf growers.


The new website has been developed to offer more to the user including a video section, an events diary and extra options for advertisers.


What ever country you are from, you can place a machinery advert to reach hundreds of turf growers across Europe. Advertisers can now upload 3 large pictures, dealers can include their website and thanks to the updated display on the home page, the adverts are displayed there longer.


If you have any suggestions that would benefit the site, please let us know and we will do our best to keep it up to date and interesting.

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