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12 March 2022

TGA Summer Show at Turffit in Scotland! 28th July.
All turf growers are welcome at the TGA summer show on the 28th of July. Open this article for more information and a link to register.
28 June 2021

Countdown to ETP Turf Expo, Germany
The 1st ETP Turf Expo since 2017 is forecast to be a fantastic show with a huge quantity of machinery and consumable suppliers signed up. We are also expecting some new machinery to be launched.
14 February 2018

AMIA servicing the Turf Industry with Valentini Stone Buriers and more...
UK agricultural and turf machinery distributors AMIA are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributors of the Valentini Stone Burier range which are becoming a popular asset on Turf farms throughout the UK and Ireland.
17 August 2017

ETP Seminars & Turf Expo 2017
On the 28th & 29th of September the ETP seminars & expo will be in full swing in Holland. As customary by now for ETP at this time of the year, turf growers from all over Europe and the rest of the World will gather in the Dutch Limburg region for 2 days of learning, networking and evaluating machinery and products for sod farming.
28 March 2016

The all new TREBRO TSR
Trebro have recently launched the all new TSR. It comes with a rotating comfort cab, left side scrap dump, dual down pressure cutting head and is available in 24", 21" and 16" roll widths.
25 February 2016

Vanmac are now selling Trilo products direct to the UK
Vanmac are now selling their full range of Trilo products direct to the UK. Machines including the Trilo R10 Cylinder mowers and the Trilo S range grass collectors will be sold directly to UK customers.
30 November 2015

ETP Farm Tour was a great success
A large turnout of turf producers from across Europe came to experience a fantastic tour from both Tillers Turf and County Turf. The tour not only allowed attendees to see the workings of other large turf farms but it offered a great opportunity for growers to socialise and talk turf.
19 August 2015

ETP Farm Tour 12th-13th October Lincolnshire, UK
In the first event of its kind turf growers from all over Europe will come together to see how turf is grown in the UK, interact and network with each other, and enjoy the atmosphere of Medieval England in the historic city of Lincoln. The inaugural ETP Farm Tour will take place in Lincolnshire (UK) on 12th and 13th October 2015. The event will be based in Lincoln, close to the two host farms, Tillers Turf and County Turf.
3 February 2015

2016 TPI Education Conference & Field Day reminder.
A great opportunity for a last minute escape to Houston, Texas and an excellent opportunity to meet other turf producers, suppliers and educators from around the world. Visit the TPI website for further details.
23 October 2014

Turf Tick Universal Stacker, now available with pallet injector!
The Turf Tick Universal Stacker is now available with a pallet injector. This machine is capable of stacking on any size pallet in any configuration. The unique design allows the customer to select a tractor of their choice, either new or used to suit their budget.
7 October 2014

Vanmac Field Day was a big success
The Vanmac Field Day showcasing a variety of machinery attracted over 400 turf growers and industry professionals from 33 countries. Demonstration machinery included a new 8m wide Trilo Vacuum that has been completely redesigned from the ground up and a brand new Trilo 12 Gang reel mower along with Trebro & Kesmac Harvesters
8 September 2014

TGA in a drive to increase members
The Turfgrass Growers Association (TGA) is embarking upon a major recruitment drive to encourage growers to get involved with its work. Formed in 1996 the TGA has successfully represented, promoted and defended its members, and the industry, on planning issues crop protection and water issues as well as providing a platform for speakers at its many events.
31 July 2014

Vanmac Field Day
Your Invited to the Vanmac field day on Friday 26th of September 2014. This day will be held at an event field of Schwab Rollrasen GmbH at Karlskron, in the area of Ingolstadt Germany. A huge range of machinery will be demonstrated including unseen mowers, Turf harvesters, groundworking machinery and a new range of Trilo Vacuums.
19 February 2014

Machino S2000 Vibrating Screen
Machino are producing a range of affordable screens for topsoil screening. The S2000 screen is a compact vibrating grid screen that can easily be moved by telehandler or loader and can be fed and cleared by the same machine.
20 January 2014

TPI 2014 International Education Conference & Field Day
The 2014 TPI International Education Conference & Field Day is fast approaching. This year is set to be an exciting event with the addition of a field day and the amazing location of Orlando, Florida. Perfect for European turf growers wishing to flee the cold weather.
20 January 2014

Machinery Adverts now sent to 1364 Turf Growers and Industry Specialists.
Turf Industry Europe now sends news letters with all of the latest machinery adverts to 1364 turf growers, specialist machinery dealers and industry specialists across Europe. Advertise online with Paypal for just £26.00 until it sells.
27 November 2013

NEW Allu DL Series Screening Buckets
The new DL Series Screening Buckets offer finer sceening in damper conditions at an affordable price!! Now more suited to telehandlers loaders and smaller excavators, they are perfect for turf farmers wanting to utilise their existing machinery.
27 September 2013

TGA Turf Show in Scorching Sunshine
Over 200 Turf growers and enthusiasts converged on an immaculately prepared show ground provided by Simon Hutton and his team at FineTurf in Lincolnshire. Continuous demonstrations of the latest turf machinery carried on throughout the day.
11 April 2013

Trilo Verticut Tackles Snow Mold
After a long cold winter throughout Europe, Snow Mold is widespread. Trilo has a fantastic solution with its Trilo Verticut, followed by a Trilo Vac.
4 July 2012

TPI Field days 31/07/12
The 2012 TPI Summer field days and convention will be hosted by Turf Mountain Sod of Hendersonville, North Carolina. The 3 day event will start on the 31st of July and continue until the 2cnd of August when over 30 exhibitors will demonstrate the latest turf machinery and products.
4 July 2012

TPI Field days 31/07/12
The 2012 TPI Summer field days and convention will be hosted by Turf Mountain Sod of Hendersonville, North Carolina. The 3 day event will start on the 31st of July and continue until the 2cnd of August when over 30 exhibitors will demonstrate the latest turf machinery and products.
4 July 2012

TPI Field days 31/07/12
The 2012 TPI Summer field days and convention will be hosted by Turf Mountain Sod of Hendersonville, North Carolina. The 3 day event will start on the 31st of July and continue until the 2cnd of August when over 30 exhibitors will demonstrate the latest turf machinery and products.
12 April 2012

The Autonetter by Turf Blades
The Autonetter, manufactured by Turf Blades can handle rolls of up to 6m/20ft in width. The net is inserted in to the ground with discs and pressed in by the following packer wheels. This system is fully adjustable to suit varying soil conditions. A marker system is also available for growers who do not use a GPS guidance system on their tractor. The markers are independently raised and lowered by the tractor spools
5 April 2012

Hose Pipe Ban to affect 20 million homes!
7 Water companies, primarily in the South East of England have today imposed a hose pipe ban, affecting 20 million homes, and countless public areas and sports fields. Southern Water, Anglian Water, Thames Water, Sutton and East Surrey, South East Water, Veolia Central and Veolia South East are imposing the ban today.
27 March 2012

Manitou Manitransit
Manitou’s Manitransit Series of truck mounted forklifts have revolutionized on-site offloading. With the innovative, industry-exclusive telescopic boom design, the TMT Series provides greater freedom of movement, reducing the overall costs associated with on-site handling.
29 February 2012

Reduce Production Time with Tenax Radix
Turf reinforcement net is essential for any turf farm wishing to reduce production time and increase productivity, especially on a restricted acreage. Tenax Radix net significantly increases the strength of the turf allowing harvest as early as 6 months after seeding. Using TENAX RADIX allows for the turf grass to be harvested thinner & lighter in weight. The netting allows the rooting system of various turf grasses to intertwine with the mesh apertures forming a uniform mat, creating superior sod strength. A major benefit of using RADIX is that it allows the turf to be harvested earlier, therefore enabling more turf to be produced within the same area of land. Many growers have started to blend compost within the soil and RADIX is the best netting system to use sub-soil. RADIX turf netting is manufactured from thermoplastic which degrades naturally when the product is exposed to the elements or embedded beneath the turf.
27 February 2012

Turf Industry Website Update
Turf Industry has seen such a rise in traffic, It was essential for us to create an up to date website that was easier and quicker to edit. The new website offers additional content including a video page, events diary and a better machinery advertising system.
19 January 2011

A small selection of events for 2011
There has already been a promising start for 2011 at the LAMMA show. With stands full of machinery from Tractors to Telehandlers, Rotorvators to Rollers, quads, cultivators and so much more, the Newark show ground has welcomed a huge turn out of visitors on the 1st day. The second day (Thursday the 20th Jan) promises to be equally successful.
5 January 2011

Seeding Alternatives for 2011
While the majority of seed sown will be standard turf mixes, the seed suppliers have all been working away to produce products to tempt you to try something new.
1 December 2010

Trimax Mowing Systems
Trimax Mowing Systems continues to dominate the roller mower market with the Trimax X-WAM (extra-wide area mower), launched at this year's TPI Field Day in New York.
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