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You are invited to join the European Turfgrass Producers Association for sale

You are invited to join the European Turfgrass Producers Association

Dear Turf growers & suppliers to turf growers,
Please visit the new European Turf Growers Association website!
There are more than 700 turf growers in Europe – all needing your products. It’s a great time to be in the turf growing business! Few industries offer a product that provides so much pleasure to customers, and at the same time makes such a positive contribution to the environment.
ETP is all about getting growers and suppliers together to talk about the challenges and
opportunities we face.
There are many reasons to support ETP’s efforts to encourage interaction about issues, products and
services that impact today’s turf industry. Here are just a few:
  • Develop a closer relationship with leading growers in the turf industry.
  • Develop a camaraderie with ETP members.
  • Help to provide ETP with the financial support to conduct its affairs throughout the year.
  • Open doors to communicate your message to an audience that’s directly involved in turf production.
  • Provide goodwill to growers in this expanding business.
  • Educate turf growers in ways to improve both the quality of turf they produce and the services they offer.
  • The ETP steering committee feels that, by contributing to the development of the European turf industry, you will ultimately do more business with turf growers.
It’s simple to join ETP
Just go online and fill out the registration form before paying your subscription by PayPal or credit
You’ll see that there are two stages for turf producers and three categories of supplier membership according to the level of support you would like to give. Please let us know if you have any questions about the benefits you will get in each category.
Some of the functions of the new website will be activated later this month. As soon as the forum and classified sections are “live” we will let you know.

Turf Farm Tour:

We are planning a turf farm tour in the UK during 2015 - check website for details.

Picture Competition

We will be running a monthly competition for the best photograph of anything to do with growing
and supplying turf. The winning picture will be published on the website each month. At the end of
the year members will vote for the best of the twelve pictures. A great opportunity to demonstrate
your creative talents!
Feedback is important to us.
Please feel free to email any member of the steering committee with your comments. You can find their email addresses on the “founding members” page.
Best wishes
Tim Fell
European Turfgrass Producers Association
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