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NEW Allu DL Series Screening Buckets for sale

NEW Allu DL Series Screening Buckets

The new DL Series Screening Buckets offer finer sceening in damper conditions at an affordable price!! Now more suited to telehandlers loaders and smaller excavators, they are perfect for turf farmers wanting to utilise their existing machinery.

The new DL series of screening buckets have been produced by Allu as a more practical option for front loaders, telehandlers and small to medium excavators. The buckets are available in 3 sizes with widths of 0.9m, 1.2m and 1.7m. 3 screen sizes are available, 15mm 25mm and 50mm and the screening cartridge can be changed for a different size screen by users with a multiple of tasks.

The DL series buckets are far more affordable than the larger industrial buckets, and with their high screening output they are proving very cost effective.

Allu screening buckets are capable of screening damp soil and compost that would clog conventional grid screens and roll into balls in a trommel screen.

For more information visit: www.allu.net 

or email: david.maclynn@allu.net



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