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Reduce Production Time with Tenax Radix for sale

Reduce Production Time with Tenax Radix

Turf reinforcement net is essential for any turf farm wishing to reduce production time and increase productivity, especially on a restricted acreage. 

Tenax Radix net significantly increases the strength of the turf allowing harvest as early as 6 months after seeding.

Using TENAX RADIX allows for the turf grass to be harvested thinner & lighter in weight. The netting allows the rooting system of various turf grasses to intertwine with the mesh apertures forming a uniform mat, creating superior sod strength.

A major benefit of using RADIX is that it allows the turf to be harvested earlier, therefore enabling more turf to be produced within the same area of land. Many growers have started to blend compost within the soil and RADIX is the best netting system to use sub-soil.

RADIX turf netting is manufactured from thermoplastic which degrades naturally when the product is exposed to the elements or embedded beneath the turf.

The cost per reel of RADIX (5.25metres x 7620metres) which covers an area of nearly 4 hectares gives far greater value than any other netting in the UK & Europe.

Delivery is available to any UK or European destination.

TENAX UK Ltd is a subsidiary of TENAX SpA, a world leader in the manufacture of thermoplastic net and mesh products which are sold in a wide range of Industries including horticulture, gardening, packaging, filtration, civil engineering and landscaping.

Our quality control process and testing equipment is one of the most advanced in the world and each stage of the production process is carefully monitored. This allows our customers to have complete confidence in the products that they buy, and that our products offer superior quality along with great value.

Order your Radix turf net today from Tenax:

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The New Professional in Turf Equipment Trebro UK Turf Harvesters Fleischmann Mower Nannings Van Vuuren Allu Screeners and Crushers

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