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The Autonetter by Turf Blades for sale

The Autonetter by Turf Blades

The Autonetter, manufactured by Turf Blades can handle rolls of up to 6m/20ft in width. The net is inserted in to the ground with discs and pressed in by the following packer wheels. This system is fully adjustable to suit varying soil conditions.



A marker system is also available for growers who do not use a GPS guidance system on their tractor. The markers are independently raised and lowered by the tractor spools.



The disc system alone will secure the net in suitable conditions but we also produce a stapler system to peg down the net in unsuitable soil conditions. It is available to use with compressed air or can be driven hydraulically or electrically, video footage is available on www.turfblades.net of both the ordinary netter and the netter with staple system.


Click on the video to see the machine in action >>>


We have redesigned our autonetter to make carriage cheaper for customers. It now comes on an 8ftx4ft pallet.  All machines are built to order and can be shipped throughout Europe.

Please call or email us with your requirements.


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