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Hose Pipe Ban to affect 20 million homes! for sale

Hose Pipe Ban to affect 20 million homes!

7 Water companies, primarily in the South East of England have today imposed a hose pipe ban, affecting 20 million homes, and countless public areas and sports fields.

Southern Water, Anglian Water, Thames Water, Sutton and East Surrey, South East Water, Veolia Central and Veolia South East are imposing the ban today.

The previously agreed exemption for newly laid turf, agreed by South East Water has now been retracted. Sutton and East Surrey have at least maintained their 28 day exemption for newly laid turf but only if it’s laid by a commercial organisation.

The TGA, HTA & BALI are now working hard in an effort to prevent the turf and landscape industry grinding to a complete standstill.

Water companies have confirmed that they will be using spy tactics to catch ban breakers as well as urging the public to shop anybody with unusually green lawns. The ban breakers face a £1000 fine if convicted.

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