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Vanmac Field Day was a big success for sale

Vanmac Field Day was a big success

"The 2014 Vanmac day was Fantastic!"

Over 400 attendees from 33 countries were blessed with good weather, a fantastic venue at Schwab Rollrasen and a great range of machinery demonstrations throughout the day, not to mention the complimentary food and beer.

Vanmac released the all new Trilo S16 8 meter wide grass collector. The S16 is vastly different from it's predecessor, the SG1165k. The all new design includes augers instead of conveyors to carry the grass from the collection wings to the vacuum and a 16cu M bin with rolling floor. The entire range is now built in a modular design so that machines can be ordered specifically to suite the customer and then upgraded or changed easily if the customers requirements change after the purchase.

The other big interest was the all new Trilo 12 Gang mower. The mower is still in it's final stages of development but it is superbly engineered and its lightweight design, simple direct drive, well engineered cylinders and vast cutting width will make it a popular choice for turf growers.

Other machines included the impressive Trebro SC2010 Automatic turf harvester, stacking effortless pallets of turf. The SC2010 has had several updates over the last few years including a powered roll up. The Kesmac 2200 was also demonstrated although all of the turf harvester demonstrations did look like they were challenging to the operator due to the huge crowd surrounding each machine. A range of progressive mowers were displayed and demonstrated for growers looking for rotary roller mowers.

The best way to sum up the day is to watch the video:



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