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AMIA servicing the Turf Industry with Valentini Stone Buriers and more... for sale

AMIA servicing the Turf Industry with Valentini Stone Buriers and more...

UK agricultural and turf machinery distributors AMIA are the exclusive UK and Ireland distributors of the Valentini Stone Burier range which are becoming a popular asset on Turf farms throughout the UK and Ireland.


The Valentini stone buriers are available in various models including folding frame machines up to 7.7m as well as fixed frame models, all with various roller options. They leave an excellent seed bed for turf growers. This has lead to customers of Valentini Stone Buriers in the UK finding that they have saved a number of ‘passes’ when preparing turf seed beds for sowing, saving both time and more importantly money in the process.

AMIA are Corporate Affiliate Members of THE TGA (Turfgrass Growers Association) and the AMIA Managing Director Alan Dennis says ‘We are proud to be Affiliate Members of the The TGA and are delighted to be able to help support and service the industry where we can’.

Valentini also manufacture Power Harrows up to 12m working width, Rotary Tillers, Bed Formers among other machines. They are all typified by their superior build quality and their performance in the field.

Another one of AMIAs products is Italian ERMO ploughs. There are various models with both ‘On Land’ and ‘In Furrow’ versions available as well as ‘On Land and In Furrow’ models.  There is also a full range of Ermo cultivation equipment which is available through AMIA.

AMIA hold parts for the Valentini range at their head office in Devon and cover the whole of the UK and Ireland with a real focus on the Turf industry. 

For more information, you are invited to vist the AMIA website www.agrimarketia.com or to call 01363 82928 or email info@agrimarketia.com for more information.

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