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Vanmac Field Day for sale

Vanmac Field Day

Friday September 26th 2014 Vanmac has their 2014 fieldday. This day will be at an event field of Schwab Rollrasen GmbH at Karlskron, in the area of Ingolstadt Germany.

The machines we are going to introduce are the new 12 gang TRILO reel mower with a working width of 10.5 metres, as well as a complete new range of TRILO S-type vacuum sweepers with a working width of 1,80 up to 8,00 metres.

During this day we will present our complete range of soil preparation equipment, seeders, mowers, verticutters, vacuum sweepers, harvesters, autostackers and sod installers.

You will see live demonstrations of the TREBRO AUTO STACK, the TREBRO SC2010,

the KESMAC sod harvester model SH2200, the MAGNUM big roll harvester, the SCHWAB seedbed combination and the Schwab sod installers, the DAIRON seeders and stone-buriers as well as the PROGRESSIVE rotary mower equipment.

This is a unique possibility to see all of these machines in action.

Our suppliers will also be present to give all the information and answer any questions.

This event will be a great occasion for meeting colleagues in the turf industry from the whole of Europe.

We look forward to greeting you in large numbers.

Please visit our Website for registration and too look at our complete program : www.vanmacfieldday.com                                                     


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