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ETP Farm Tour was a great success for sale

ETP Farm Tour was a great success

The ETP farm tour was a two day event organised by the European Turfgrass Producers Association, hosted by Tillers Turf and County Turf and sponsored by Vanmac and Barenbrug.

Over 100 attendees from 18 countries converged on Tillers Turf for the 1st day's tour. The tour covered a huge variety of turf including wildflower turf, lawn turf and turf produced for high quality sports surfaces. Tillers turf representatives were on hand to answer questions about the turf and demonstrate their new Trebro SC2010.

Once the tour of Tillers Turf was over, 2 coaches full of attendees followed by a precession of cars headed off for a fantastic lunch before going back to Lincoln for an optional tour of Lincoln Cathedral. The evening dinner at the Double Tree by Hilton hotel was a good chance for a bit of socialising with growers from around Europe.

The second day's farm tour was held at County Turf and this was a good opportunity to see a Trebro Autostack and 2 huge cylinder mowers in action. County Turf also showed the attendees their extensive irrigation system and explained the working of it and the huge volumes of water that they have to pump miles across their farm.

Once everybody had seen enough, County Turf were ready and waiting with food and refreshments. 

The ETP farm tour ends and everybody is now looking forward to the 2016 Farm Tour in Ginosa, Italy on the 29th & 30th of September 2016.

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