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LC Packaging

LC Packaging Flexible packaging and packaging machinery for agribusiness and industry. With its 9 plants in Europe, its own factories and exclusive production partners world-wide, LC Packaging is one of the largest packaging specialists in Europe.

Seasonal pressure? Reliable quality is constantly available Even in times of high seasonal pressure, LC Packaging supplies consistent quality thanks to its own production facilities and collaboration with a select number of permanent suppliers. Large stocks are held, readily available in warehouses with a storage capacity of 40,000 m2.

Early harvest? Immediate delivery of your packaging LC Packaging understands how hectic it can get in your business and offers very flexible opening times. All you need to do is place your order and you will receive your packaging with customised printing within 24 hours.

In search of efficiency? Our innovations are there to assist you For decades, LC Packaging has been working with the agricultural and horticultural markets and is constantly coming up with areas of improvement. This has resulted in some successful innovations. One of which is the Baxmatic, a fully automated packaging system for filling PP, hessian and woven bags: www.baxmatic.com.

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