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Trimax Mowing Systems offer a large range of fine turf mowers including front and rear mounted rotary mowers.

Two of the mowers that excel in turf production are the Trimax Pegasus roller mower and the all new 10.4m X-WAM, a roller mower designed and built specifically for turf production.

The X-WAM is the widest Trimax roller mower available, and can be purchased either as a complete unit or as an attachment for your existing Trimax Pegasus 610. It has superior contour following abilities based on the combination of individually floating decks and articulated axis. With the potential to cut 33 acres per hour and the ability to perform zero-turns without having to lift any of the mower decks, the X-WAM will increase your productivity using one tractor, one driver, and one mower to cut 2/3 more area with a cylinder-like cut finish.

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The People Driving Palletised Distribution The New Professional in Turf Equipment Innovative Turf Harvesting Allu Screeners and Crushers The New Professional in Turf Equipment Trimax Mowing Systems Tenax Radix Turf Net Nannings Van Vuuren Campey Turf Care

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