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WANTED: : SOD HARVESTER KESMAC/TREEBO 24” MACHINE Sod Harvester WANTED. BROUWER OR KESMAC in good working conditions! Blec Avator BV130 Stoneburier with nerly new blades in perfect conditions Hallmarket Turf Harvester Hallmarket Turf Harvester
BROUWER 240 TURF LAYING MACHINE Finn Hydroseeder T90S Trilo SG 1100 grass-collector Trilo SG 700 Turf harvester Brouwer ford 3910
KESMAC 11 GANG MOWERS GKB Combinators 2.5mtr blec stoneburier blecavator Hall Market 49/29 KESMAC 9 GANG MOWER
REDEXIM TURFSTRIPPER 1200 Brouwer SH 1560 Brouwer Turf Harvester Trilo R10 Cylinder Mowers Trilo S14 Grass Collector
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Welcome to Turf Industry Europe, The European hub for news and machinery related to the production of turf grass & topsoil.

Buy and Sell your used turf machinery here. All Turf machinery adverts are sent to over 1300 turf growers & related companies across Europe by email and the website receives over 12,000 visits per month.

Latest News
The all new TREBRO TSR
Trebro have recently launched the all new TSR. It comes with a rotating comfort cab, left side scrap dump, dual down pressure cutting head and is available in 24", 21" and 16" roll widths.
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Vanmac are now selling Trilo products direct to the UK
Vanmac are now selling their full range of Trilo products direct to the UK. Machines including the Trilo R10 Cylinder mowers and the Trilo S range grass collectors will be sold directly to UK customers.
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You are invited to join the European Turfgrass Producers Association
The European Turfgrass Producers Association, established in 2014 is keen to attract members from throughout Europe. ETP is all about getting growers and suppliers together to discuss the challenges and opportunities that we face.
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Turf Tick Universal Stacker, now available with pallet injector!
The Turf Tick Universal Stacker is now available with a pallet injector. This machine is capable of stacking on any size pallet in any configuration. The unique design allows the customer to select a tractor of their choice, either new or used to suit their budget.
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